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At ASV Cargologi, we go above and beyond to cater to your diverse logistics needs. In addition to our core services, we offer specialized solutions that add value to your supply chain. Explore our range of additional services designed to provide you with enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Reverse Logistics All Over India:

Managing returns and product recalls can be complex, but with our reverse logistics services, the process becomes streamlined and efficient. Whether it’s product returns, recycling, or refurbishment, our nationwide network ensures the seamless movement of goods in the reverse direction. Trust us to handle the intricacies while you focus on your core operations.

Day Definite Delivery

In a world that thrives on deadlines, our day-definite delivery service offers a solution tailored to your time-sensitive shipments. Whether it’s next-day delivery or a specific date requirement, we provide you with the certainty of knowing when your goods will reach their destination. Count on us to meet your delivery commitments reliably and promptly.

Appointment Delivery:

Enhance your customer experience with our appointment delivery service. We understand that flexibility matters, and that’s why we offer the option to schedule delivery appointments at a time that suits your recipients. This personalized approach ensures a smooth delivery process, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Over Dimensional Cargo Movement:

Some cargo doesn’t fit the standard dimensions, and that’s where our expertise in handling over dimensional cargo comes into play. Our experienced team is equipped to manage the complexities of transporting large, heavy, or bulky items. From specialized equipment to careful planning, we ensure that your over dimensional cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Our Services

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3PL Service

We understand your needs and tailor solutions accordingly.

We handle paperwork, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Timely and secure pickup ensures a smooth start to the journey.

Real-time tracking keeps you updated on your cargo’s location.

For unique cargo, our experts ensure safe transit.

Our advanced facilities keep your goods organized and accessible.

Smooth unloading, whether it’s doorstep or appointment-based.

We value your input to continually enhance our services.

Our support is always available for any inquiries or future needs.